Saturday, 25 April 2009

...answer to a challenge made to myself by Ms. Myself.

1) Get the closest book;

2) Open it on page 161;

3) Look for the fifth complete phrase;

4) Paste the phrase in the blog;

5) Send the challenge to other 5 sleepy one's to continue the task;

1 - Well the closest book I have in here is : " Life doesn't give way"(A vida não dá jeito, PT title) from, Ricardo Vargas.
2 - I'm already on it...
3 - Yep, looking for it...
4 - "How many times, the evil takes with him the better changes?"

5 - The five sleepy one's I choose are :
- Sonhos/Pesadelos;
- Tozé;
- Cheese Maker;
- Rosie Dunn;
- Elle.;

Have a nice sleepy weekend =)

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

...and now is time to go back to my pillow....

She missed my hugs...

And I missed the dreams I had on her...

So Sleepy One's: I'll be back with more tomorrow.

P.S: Ms Myself I know i have a challenge of yours, and I will make it soon. "Sleepy One" promise!

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

...the sun its not for everyone!!!

To see this and that I'm talking serious take a look at my

(novice) friend
and his story about sleeping at the sun...

It's hilarious!!! I had laugh till I cry...

(T. like I've said, this is your story at my Blog, like I'm used to say:

It's your minutes/hours/days of Glory! Enjoy it!)

T. said: You know what?

T. said: I got bloody sun burnt today!

T. said: Damn mate, i fell asleep under the sun...

T. said: Now i have the right side of my face looking like a tomato and the left one white

I said: LOL (I roll over my bed and cry of laughing a lot)

And what was his concern? Hum... guess what... =P

T. said: That's deep shit man, i have to meet GIRLS tomorrow night!

But he was really concern with you ALL Sleepy One's...

Look to his thought when I said I would post this story to you all:

T. said: The advice you should write to all: Always sleep with your back to the sun when you take a nap under the sun! NEVER the opposite...

I said: I will, lol

T. said: Seriously I'm bloody red... lol

T. said: Do you think the red will come off by tomorrow?

I said: Put some cream on... (Like "Zézé Camarinha" would said... LOL)

T. said: Yeah, that's what I'll do... Shit man, i was so tired...

By T.

This was the comic story of today with the sponsor of T.! Thanks mate for your comedy!

I hope everyone takes a lesson of this! =)

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Saturday, 28 March 2009

...when we are sleeping (after hours) and our phone rings:

Sleepy One:
"Hi there! How are you over there?"

Sleepy friend: "Hi! I'm Fine. Are you still sleeping?"

Sleepy One:
"Offcourse!! You know me(I'm the Sleepy One!)..."

Sleepy friend: "I've seen it in your voice (my voice doesn't lie!)... lol..."

Blá blá blá... and then I shut down the phone and start to think to myself...

"Who else can be sleeping after hours?"


"I guess they got the message!"

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...we got sleepy and our ideas fly to far away from our head.

It happens that, yesterday and today were days like that!

My ideas went to somewhere else, less in my head.

I've tried to look inside of me and bring something to this post,

but my brain wasn't replying to my instincts...

And the result was:

"I'M LOST!!!"

Well let me find my "Pillow GPS" and find my way to the good dreams that i was...

mood: Pillow GPS

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009, while we don't find a pillow to sleep comfortably? We look like that bear at the picture...

We fall asleep at the office over our table, like if we were working a lot... and we awake with the big boss looking at us with that face that tells us everything..."oh crap, not again!"

But, the good thing you have to look at, is that...

at least you put your dreams first... =P

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Monday, 23 March 2009

...that it would be good to know better some kind of weird people at bed.

But, there's nothing like a warm sunny day with a sleepy awake...

...and a sleepy fall asleep...

with this kind of crazy pillows, we've got to put our "dream machine" keep on working...

Have a nice Sleepy day, Sleepy One's!

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Saturday, 21 March 2009


Oh... I'm so sleepy, that i've walked every day and the only thing that came to my mind was:

Why am I awake? baaaaaaaaah ...

I fell asleep over my pillow and just think about: life

can be wonderful

while I'm dreaming...

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Thursday, 19 March 2009

One day... I fall asleep...

Next day... I didn't woke up in the morning....

Then I had a closer look at my dog...

And said to myself...

That's a life...

Sleeping all day at the sun,

Eating good dog food,

Playing every time he wants,

Enjoying his best friends all the time...

And most important of all:

His best friends don't want to eat his "girl", otherwise they find one for him...

That's a dog life full of pleasures!

NO, I don't want to be a dog or something like it...

I just wanted to be happy like my dog is...

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009 the natural state of bodily rest observed in humans ( me ) and other animals (You, lol!). In humans and other animals, regular sleep is essential for survival.

If I sleep regularly, will I be a survivor?

Of course I will, but will I be more happier than if I don't sleep those hours? hum... Let's make a go back to our past... According to many scientists, since we were born till now we must have slept at least the hours of the table below.

Age and condition Average amount of sleep per day
Newborn up to 18 hours
1–12 months 14–18 hours
1–3 years 12–15 hours
3–5 years 11–13 hours
5–12 years 9–11 hours
Adolescents 9-10 hours
Adults, including elderly 7–8 (+) hours
Pregnant women 8 (+) hours
(in Wikipedia)

So as we can see above, sleep is more a pleasure than a bad thing to our life...

And if we became sleepers?
Do we still keep doing a good thing to our life?
Or are we damaging our life quality?

Whatever... Gotta go! My bed and pillow are waiting for my crazy dreams...

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