Saturday, 28 March 2009

...when we are sleeping (after hours) and our phone rings:

Sleepy One:
"Hi there! How are you over there?"

Sleepy friend: "Hi! I'm Fine. Are you still sleeping?"

Sleepy One:
"Offcourse!! You know me(I'm the Sleepy One!)..."

Sleepy friend: "I've seen it in your voice (my voice doesn't lie!)... lol..."

Blá blá blá... and then I shut down the phone and start to think to myself...

"Who else can be sleeping after hours?"


"I guess they got the message!"

Posted by The Sleepy One @ 12:57
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6 Sleepy coments:

ifm said...

Next time I'll call only after 12pm :) I get the message!

Toze said...

Everyone sleeping after hours :))))))

sonhos/pesadelos said...

sleep, one of the best wonders in life...too bad they make us loose good things in life, like hours spent on a nice balcony getting some sun, but a pilow has it's magic...
bjs endiabrados

The Sleepy One said...

Hi Dreamer...! Grateful for your visit.

I think the perfect day is to be at the sun and with a pillow nearby, taking a sleep full of pleasures...

And we don't lose the "good things" its more the other way... that things are losing us... We are always winning when sleeping =)

Come back always!!

sonhos/pesadelos said...

sleepy one, i tried to coment on other posts but the damn thing jammed....honest!!!!anyway, do you have have a spear pliow i can borrow? eh eh
altough i allways heard things like "quem muito dorme pouco aprende"and you get the picture, regardless of what hey say, i'm with you, sleep!!!!!
the more we sleep, the more you rest...
voltarei sim

The Sleepy One said...

Hi Dreamer!

We don't need to learn anything when we now everything... =P We are owners of our reason... We don't need someone to tell us what is right or wrong =P So we know what we need.