Thursday, 2 April 2009

...the sun its not for everyone!!!

To see this and that I'm talking serious take a look at my

(novice) friend
and his story about sleeping at the sun...

It's hilarious!!! I had laugh till I cry...

(T. like I've said, this is your story at my Blog, like I'm used to say:

It's your minutes/hours/days of Glory! Enjoy it!)

T. said: You know what?

T. said: I got bloody sun burnt today!

T. said: Damn mate, i fell asleep under the sun...

T. said: Now i have the right side of my face looking like a tomato and the left one white

I said: LOL (I roll over my bed and cry of laughing a lot)

And what was his concern? Hum... guess what... =P

T. said: That's deep shit man, i have to meet GIRLS tomorrow night!

But he was really concern with you ALL Sleepy One's...

Look to his thought when I said I would post this story to you all:

T. said: The advice you should write to all: Always sleep with your back to the sun when you take a nap under the sun! NEVER the opposite...

I said: I will, lol

T. said: Seriously I'm bloody red... lol

T. said: Do you think the red will come off by tomorrow?

I said: Put some cream on... (Like "Zézé Camarinha" would said... LOL)

T. said: Yeah, that's what I'll do... Shit man, i was so tired...

By T.

This was the comic story of today with the sponsor of T.! Thanks mate for your comedy!

I hope everyone takes a lesson of this! =)

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2 Sleepy coments:

Ms. Myself said...

The sun is dangerous... Look, you have an challenge in my very sweet blog.


sonhos/pesadelos said...

a squid turning in to a lobster?????? damn man, you do need some lessons from Zezé Camarinha...looool second thought...better not!!!!! or your night of goes the other way....he can always say it's a new peeling method....looooooooooool
bjs endiabrados

or should i say devely kisses???